Jessica Carroll

Help Desk Support Specialist

Jessica Carroll is a Help Desk Support Specialist at AnLar. In this role, she provides technical assistance to grantees, scholars, and employers so they can focus on the more important stuff like personnel development, education/training and generally improving outcomes for children with disabilities and their families.

In addition to her role at AnLar, Jessica also works as a Contractor Installation Manager (CIM), where she has helped over 1,400 Army personnel successfully transition into the civilian workforce, obtain internships and apprenticeships, as well as enroll in Veteran-friendly colleges full-time. Jessica has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Seton Hill University and a Master’s in Military Psychology from Adler University.

Jessica spends an inordinate amount of time talking to and about her dog, Maggie. “I base all of my moves thus far on where she would enjoy living the most. Currently: Shirlington, VA.” When she’s not working, you can catch her checking out local dog parks, or building intricate, finely-curated Spotify playlists according to various activities/moods.

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