About Us

We’re a quirky bunch of individuals who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ve found a professional home that allows us to be who we are. When we work in a functional, genuine environment, we kick ass.

Meaning of AnLar


/ahn·lar/ n.

1. the center where people come to meet
2. city center; town center

Deriving its name from “an lár,” AnLar is built on the conviction that a core culture of clear vision, creative and efficient collaboration, and empowered people dedicated to quality work will result in positive outcomes and lasting success – value for our clients and their stakeholders, and satisfaction for our team. We value a positive and productive culture that fosters open dialogue, creative thinking, courage, human connection, and impressive work.

Core Values

Gathered together in a small, countryside outpost with nothing but the clothes on our backs, some friendly neighboring goats, and a couple of dry erase markers, we created a handful of core values in an effort to capture what we love about AnLar and how we like to approach our work. We believe in these values and strive toward ensuring that no matter how much AnLar grows, we know the 5 things that we valued way back when, at a B&B somewhere in West Virginia.

Understand First

We don’t know everything and we don’t have all the answers. But we do know it’s better to first listen and ask questions, then try to help solve the problem. Better understanding leads to smarter solutions and better results. And even though it may result in a slower start, it leads to faster achievement of the solution.

Venture Creativity

We seek out and thrive on chances to learn new things, build something unique, or confront problems from new perspectives. Powered by a ravenous work ethic and curiosity, we are always hungry for projects that feed the creative fires in our bellies. But we’re careful not to give ourselves – or our clients – a tummy ache.

Value Relationships

From the AnLar office to our professional network, we recognize the value in cultivating genuine relationships with those around us. The better we know and trust each other and our clients, the more fun we have and the greater our success (cue the cheesy heart-felt music).

Maintain Balance

No one at AnLar has gotten a promotion for being the last one on email at night. We believe in balance and encourage our employees to take time to recharge more than just their laptops, rather than succumbing to a life of high blood pressure and low spirits. We believe our partners and clients benefit most when our employees have a healthy life outside of AnLar.

Have An Impact

Call us dreamers, but we want our work to make a difference. Regardless of whether we are designing communications tools, implementing information systems, or stuffing folders, our drive to do good work is fueled by our desire to make a positive impact.

Our Team

Aaron Petrillo
Director of Federal Initiatives
Allison LaFave
Research Associate
Anthony Garofano
Chief Creative Officer
Ashley Garrison
Operations Manager
Becki Stenger
Communications Designer
Bret Hillbun
Senior Developer
Corin Collier
Program Analyst
Christina Letellier
Help Desk Specialist
Emily Kelly
Research Analyst
John Babb
Senior Developer
Juliett Namazzi
Helpdesk Support Specialist
Kathi Gillaspy
Director of Technical Assistance
Kimberly Mitman
Senior Technical Lead, Senior Database Architect
Laura Holian
Director of Research
Mia Leland
Senior Program Analyst
Michelle Bloom
Program Associate
Pearson Barlow
Senior Technical Lead
Rosemary Collins
Senior Program Analyst
Sarah Geldart
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist
Tate Gould
Tiffanie Owens
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist
Zartashia Javid
Program Support Associate

Clients & Partners

We work in the social services sector (education, health, etc.) with public, private, and non-profit clients of all sizes ( from school districts to states, foundations, and federal agencies). As long as we think we can provide value to a team, we’re in.