Pearson Barlow

Senior Technical Lead

As AnLar’s Senior Technical Lead, Pearson leads all efforts dedicated to the design, build, enhancement, and maintenance of web-related projects from content management systems to comprehensive e-learning platforms. Pearson’s daily mojo stems from his love of coffee and his constant strive for developing long-term sustainable tools that go above and beyond client expectations.

Pearson has been on a journey through the world of web technologies since the late 90s. Following his university internship, he found a blossoming profession in application development—specifically supply chain management solutions. He developed one of the first online global tracking systems for the transportation of dry cargo, providing clients such as Dupont and Alcoa with a single-point system of management. Recently, Pearson has been involved with the on-going evolution of health information technologies—most notably with cancer survivorship through the University of Pennsylvania by improving patient-provider communication through a suite of rich online tools; projects that have proved to be deeply rewarding and fulfilling personally. Pearson attributes his expertise not only to his college studies in Computer Science/Information Systems at Roger Williams University but also to the skills he’s gained and has honed through years of professional industry work in a diverse array of businesses and practices.

A lifelong mission to try anything once, lately Pearson can be found immersed in various remodeling projects earmarked from the latest copy of This Old House. Come summer, he’s out turning a wrench in the garage rehabbing his 70s van.  It is also safe to say there is no flea market in the New Jersey area that hasn’t been frequented by Pearson and his wife, always on the hunt for anything old, odd, or unique.

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