Alicia Brandon

Data Systems Specialist
Alicia Brandon

As one of the Data Systems Specialists at AnLar, Alicia provides input based upon subject matter and process experience in the design and development of data systems that support IDEA program implementation. She assists with developing and providing in-person and/or online professional development (PD) in the form of training materials, workshops, and developing online modules.

Alicia has worked in both K-12 and Higher Education over the span of her career. She worked as a Special Education Coordinator in the state of Vermont where she supervised implementation of placement, evaluation, assignment, re-evaluation and transition procedures for students with regard to special education supports and services. She held several positions during her time at Landmark College, working as a classroom instructor, academic advisor, Education Department Chair and Lead Education Specialist and Project Manager with the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. She has also worked in disability support services as Associate Director of Student Accessibility Services at Dartmouth College. She is most recently coming from serving as an Associate Director and Learning Specialist with the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes at UNC Chapel Hill.

When she isn’t knee deep in developing data system support resources, Alicia loves gardening, reading, exploring new places, trying new foods, and kayaking with her dog Lily (her other dog Fawna does NOT trust a kayak).

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