Ashley Garrison

Operations Manager

Ashley Garrison is AnLar’s in-house (but offsite) bookkeeper, accountant, HR rep, and more. She handles many aspects of the day to day at AnLar, and is instrumental with keeping the lights on (especially since she is in charge of all our vendor relationships too). Ashley works for one of the best CPA firms in the DC area, the Watts Group. For the Watts Group, she wears many hats from Office Manager to bookkeeper. Her focus is on providing clients with any guidance or information they may need, and keeping our office running smoothly. Ashley graduated from Longwood University in 2015 with a B.S. Liberal Studies and a minor in psychology. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and friends, binge watching shows on Netflix, and attending country concerts throughout the summer.

Our Team

Aaron Petrillo
Director of Federal Initiatives
Alexis Beverly
Helpdesk Support Specialist
Amanda Davis
Project Manager
Amy Nicholas
Senior Project Director & Technical Assistance Specialist
Angelique Williams
Graduate Intern
Anthony Garofano
Chief Creative Officer
Ashley Garrison
Operations Manager
Becki Stenger
Communications Designer
Casey Archer
Research Analyst
Corin Collier
Program Analyst
Emily Bytheway
Quality Analyst
Emily Kelly
Director of Operations and Culture Czar
Gary Harmon
Senior Project Director, Special Education Content & Data Expert
John Babb
Senior Developer
Juliett Namazzi
Helpdesk Support Specialist
Kate Grannemann
Project Manager & Technical Assistance Specialist
Kathi Gillaspy
Director of Technical Assistance
Kimberly Mitman
Senior Technical Lead & Senior Database Architect
Laura Holian
Director of Research
Mia Leland
Senior Program Analyst
Michelle Bloom
Program Analyst
Monica Yudron
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist & Research Scientist
Pearson Barlow
Senior Technical Lead
Rosemary Collins
Senior Program Analyst
Sarah Geldart
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist
Sarah Criscuolo
Project Manager
Tate Gould
Tiffanie Owens
Director of Data Systems and Support
Tikesha Cephas
Finance and Operations Specialist
Zartashia Javid
Program Support Associate