Leah Piatt

Data Governance Senior Project Director

Leah works with clients and entities to develop and implement federally backed projects. She is adept at viewing system issues at a global level and drilling down on the details to effectively change identified business concerns. Leah enjoys the logic and structure used to implement data standards, system interoperability, and business process efficiencies to create intended outcomes.

Leah brings a decade of experience working in government, primarily on federal data systems and regulatory reporting needs. She has a strong background in scientific research and database maintenance. Leah holds an MBA, concentrating on Data Analytics & Risk Management, as well as a BS in Research Chemistry with minors in Molecular Biology and Mathematics.

Outside of work, Leah loves spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys crafting, gardening, cooking, and remodeling her farm with her husband. She also coaches cheerleading at the local middle school (Go Rebels!) and keeps up with the squad by drinking lots (and lots) of coffee.

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