Negar Fatahi

Research Scientist
Negar Fatahi

Negar is an applied developmental psychologist with expertise in early childhood education systems and their impact on children’s early social-emotional development. As a Research Scientist at AnLar, Negar enjoys conducting multi-method research and evaluation on education practices, programs, systems, and policies that impact children’s educational outcomes and well-being. She is particularly interested in teacher training and coaching-based professional development.

At AnLar, Negar participates with the research team on a variety of projects, ranging from the promotion of mental health in North Carolina schools and the impact of professional development on teachers’ science instruction to the development of practice guides for practitioners to assist K-12 students struggling with behavior and Statistics in Brief reports focused on higher education policy. During her doctoral training and prior to joining AnLar, Negar worked on the development and validation of the EMOTERS, an observational measure of teachers’ behaviors that help children be emotionally competent and the Alternative Licensure Program (ALP), a residency teacher preparation program that focuses on social-emotional teaching practices.

Outside of work, you can find Negar reading, cooking, enjoying a Formula 1 race, or attending a Pilates class. Negar has an identical twin sister, and growing up, they would occasionally switch places in school to prank their teachers.

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