Anthony Garofano

Chief Creative Officer
Tony Garofano

Tony heads up our Communications and Campaigns Team as AnLar’s lead creative type, overseeing and rolling up his sleeves in the development of all publications, graphic and web design, visual and conceptual branding projects, and all things writing and copyediting. Tony has spent much of the past decade meticulously crafting products for clients in the federal government, state agencies, universities, elementary schools, non-profits and the private sector, scoring hundreds of notches (i.e., published documents and resources) in his pencil to date.

His path has not been a linear one. Though his high school Art teacher encouraged him to head to art school, he decided to follow a trail through the natural and social sciences where he supported studies in visual perception and social neuroscience labs. After contemplating a career studying primate behavior, he shifted his focus towards data and human behavior and landed a job supporting research at Education Week magazine, then performing data analyses on the U.S. Department of Education’s oldest data collection, before moving on to author a four-book series on longitudinal data systems. Gradually, Tony returned to his artistic roots and earned a reputation for fastidious and creative design and communications work by translating complex information into digestible, useful, and visually appealing products. Tony earned a Master of Public Policy from American University in Washington, D.C. and a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Tony enjoys almost any activity that’s out of doors and in nature. Many weekends find him and his family on a trail, in the ocean, on a canoe, and generally dirty and happy. Many of these adventures involve lengthy road trips that others might not attempt with two small children and their small dog, who has a tendency toward carsickness. On rainy days or when family visits, people tend to congregate in the kitchen, where Tony may be found baking apple pie from a recipe learned over years of hanging out with his grandmother. He brings the same precision, passion, and attention to detail to that pie as he brings to his AnLar projects — he knows it’s all about the details.

Pronouns: he/him/his

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