Becki Stenger

Senior Designer

Being a senior designer at AnLar means Becki can be found deep in a variety of projects at any given time, sketching logos and building brands, designing and formatting print materials, or crafting webpages. Becki brings to the AnLar drafting table a keen attention to detail and an affinity for creating clean, simple, and engaging design. She’s a firm believer in utilizing pencil, paper, and brain power to create designs that are thoughtfully crafted and unique.

Becki began honing her craft by working in the world of freelance design, during which time, she gained a real understanding of self-reliance and hard work — strengths she applies daily, whether it’s to a project at AnLar, or some overambitious endeavor around her house (ask her about the time she got her hair stuck in the back of the refrigerator). She graduated from Stevenson University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Her proudest moments include being nominated for the Design Department Award for Excellence, the first time her dog sat on command, and winning first place in a dramatic reading contest at age 7 (she has the trophy to prove it).

When she isn’t designing or drawing or reading back-issues of Communication Arts magazine, this delightful curmudgeon can be found hiking with her dog, Mondo, tending her vegetable garden, or tackling some DIY house project (we are talking about building garage doors from scratch, not replacing light bulbs) that seemed a lot more reasonable when she started.

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