Ginger Murray

Senior Project Director

Ginger serves as the Project Director for the EIR TA and Dissemination contract with the U.S. Department of ED where her work focuses on organizing processes, connecting people, and monitoring activity to provide technical assistance for EIR grantees. She approaches a project like a puzzle and loves creative problem solving with partners and clients through a collaborative team process. Building strong, genuine relationships is at the heart of how Ginger approaches her work.

Outside of work, Ginger can be found planning her next hiking trip and exploring new destinations, digging all things 1970s. Her perfect day is spent outdoors followed by a dinner party with friends and family. She is a self-proclaimed tech luddite who prefers writing a letter and posting it with vintage stamps than communicating by email or text. She also has a knack for guessing enneagram types and is a word-geek (her favorites are petrichor and apricity).

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