Sarah Whitman

Senior Technical Assistance Specialist

As Senior Technical Assistance Specialist, Sarah works on educational and policy programs for district, state, and national projects. Sarah utilizes her background in research and data analysis to support systems thinking and the implementation of strategies at a large scale to improve student outcomes. Sarah has expertise in special education, early childhood, effective data use, long-term systems change, and state special education systems. Sarah is particularly skilled in program evaluation, change management, professional development, facilitation, and training design and delivery.

Before joining the AnLar team, Sarah spent five years working for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA ESE) in the Special Education Planning and Policy Development Office. As the Early Childhood Outcomes Coordinator and Data Analyst, Sarah supported special educators statewide as they sought to effectively implement data-based decision making and improve early childhood outcomes. Sarah was integral to the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) team and oversaw the implementation and scale-up of an evidence-based practice in districts representing 30% of the public preschool population in the state. Sarah also played a central role in the planning and development of the SSIP, including the creation of a multiyear evaluation plan for the initiative.

Sarah has a Doctorate in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Her dissertation focused on creating a new implementation fidelity evaluation tool that can be used by states and other large organizations to evaluate complex multi-site initiatives and effectively communicates evaluation planning and results with relevant stakeholders. Sarah has a Master’s in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University and a Master’s in Religion and Society from Boston University.

Sarah lives in Brookline, MA. When Sarah is not contemplating the big picture, or how to save the world, she spends a lot of her time hanging from the ceiling as an amateur circus aerialist. Specializing in aerial silks, she decided her 30s were the perfect time to pick up a challenging hobby that can truly humble her and oftentimes makes her feel ridiculous as she gets stuck mid-air. She also enjoys gardening, playing softball, going to the gym for early morning workouts, and traveling.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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