Massachusetts Early Childhood Leadership Institute

Project Case Study
The Challenge

A state department of education needs a way to grow and develop the leadership capacity of district level early childhood special education coordinators.

The Client

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

What We Did

Our team has created a series of professional development activities that includes face-to-face training, online interaction, a community of practice and a Capstone Project that has participants applying the information they learn in the Institute.  Throughout the course of a year, participants have the opportunity to learn about evidence-based practices, mentor and support one another, and create a network with job-alike colleagues from across the state to do joint problem-solving and information sharing.

Skills Used
  • Planned and managed recruitment and registration of participants
  • Designed the structure, content, schedule and delivery of all professional development activities in the Institute
  • Facilitated a virtual Community of Practice
  • Developed an online presence for the participants of the Institute that includes all course materials, a discussion board, the Institute calendar and contact information for all participants
  • Provided individualized technical assistance to participants
  • Created evaluations and analyzed results for continuous quality improvement
Service Areas

Technical Assistance