Kimberly Mitman

Senior Systems Analyst; Co-owner, Triskelle Solutions

Since Kimberly began in the IT industry 25 years ago, she has excelled in two areas – database architecture and data analysis, as well as management of large IT development projects. During her career as the owner of Cheshire Software Solutions, and now as the co-owner of Triskelle Software Solutions (an AnLar partner), she has worked with over 40 clients and has managed over 14 major projects. She excels at quickly understanding the current business requirements and needs for clients and is able to help guide them to the perfect, custom solution. On the data side, she has a talent for being able to envision how pieces of data should work together, and to use these skills to help clients learn more about their business and help make better important predictions. She can work across multiple database platforms, including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others. Besides her database and PM skills, Kimberly also has a strong background in coding. She is experienced in all Microsoft technologies, including .NET.

Kimberly has been the lead Project Manager on many large-scale, multi-million dollar projects. Typically, the projects she manages involve multiple developers and teams, involving comprehensive project management skills under difficult deadlines. As an experienced project manager, Kimberly enjoys the challenge of such complexity, providing a level of accountability and calmness that ensures high quality delivery on time. Kimberly has worked with public, private, non-profit sector clients all over the country and has worked on many varied projects – from small corporate websites, to large, complex education database systems.

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