Jamaal Evans

HelpDesk Support Specialist

Jamaal is a Speech Communications major who has always taken an interest in computers. His interest became a sort of hobby; from building PCs, to practicing code. He found a way to utilize both his degree and love of computers as a Helpdesk Specialist for the USPTO where he provided Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for the USPTO’s Electronic Filing System and Patent Application Retrievals Systems.

Later, Jamaal entered the legal-side of the Intellectual Property world by becoming a Docket Specialist for an IP law firm and worked his way up to the Chief IP Administrator. Allowing him to not only troubleshoot computer issues, but also procedural issues thus allowing him to build his analytical skills.

When Jamaal isn’t wrapped up in his next computer project he is studying for the patent bar with aspirations of becoming a patent agent in the computer science field.

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