Emily Kelly

Director of Operations and Culture Czar

As Director of Operations and Culture Czar, Emily oversees all day-to-day operations of AnLar from onboarding and employee benefits to contract start up, subcontractor management, finance, IT systems, and everything in between. Emily also focuses on aligning operations and processes with AnLar’s culture and core values, helping to ensure that every AnLarian experiences the principles on which AnLar was founded.

Emily started her career in education research and evaluation, first at the Institute for Higher Education Policy and then at AnLar, before her passion for efficient processes and organization, organizational psychology, creative problem solving, and well-being in the workplace quickly took over and led her to operations. She hasn’t strayed completely away from her research roots, though, and she is currently developing a research report using data from NCES’ High School Longitudinal Study on young adults’ expectations about educational attainment, employment, and earnings. The report also includes analyses on how important young adults rate certain job aspects like contributing to society, working on a team, and job security, among others. She earned her Master’s Degree in Higher Education at the University of Maryland and holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Iowa.

In her free time, Emily can be found teaching at her favorite yoga studio, ‘mockin in Meridian Hill Park, or savoring a hot cup of green tea in the morning (it’s the little things in life). She also enjoys anything and everything Tim Ferriss, reading, and spending time in nature with her puppy, Kona.

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