Casey Archer

Research Analyst

Coming to AnLar as a Graduate Intern from the University of Maryland and now a Research Analyst, Casey aims to apply all that he has learned about education policy and research methods. Casey is currently writing his dissertation for a PhD in Education Policy & Leadership. Specifically, his research incorporates quantitative research methods when assessing policy decisions. His passions include working towards equitable educational opportunities for K-12 kids from all backgrounds and studying the ways that social networks can enrich and expand educational outcomes for students, teachers, and schools.

Before joining AnLar, Casey worked as a Research Assistant at UMD for two projects. He served as the Data Analyst and Data Coordinator of Project LEARN, a three-year longitudinal study that aims to understand the differential factors that predict growth in reading comprehension between English Learners and English Monolinguals. The data for his dissertation comes from Project LEARN. Casey also worked with his academic advisor to quantify and understand teacher effects on various student outcomes. In 2017, Casey worked as an intern at the federal Education Department in the National Initiatives Team.

Casey always has a novel nearby, so in his free time, he races to meet his Goodreads reading goals or to complete one of the books for his various book clubs. He considers himself a reality TV expert, and he relishes the opportunity to talk about the latest elimination on Survivor or Big Brother (or any other reality competition show). He almost exclusively follows corgi accounts on social media.

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