Bret Hillbun

Senior Developer

Bret brings 25 years of full-stack software experience along with systems architecture along with strong future proofing development methods. Bret has been part of numerous large multimillion-dollar projects, such as, the Airborne Express merger with DHL in 2004 all the way to starting a successful payments startup in 2006. Bret can see patterns in software whether that be new technologies or older legacy platforms making him quite versatile solo or as part of a team where needed. While at DHL, Bret helped orchestrate the migration of the Nextel and Cingular wireless tracking systems from Airborne Express and improved available up time by almost 15% during his time there. Bret has worked as a solid full stack developer along with acting as Vice President of Engineering and is comfortable wearing multiple hats depending on the need. Designing for high enterprise levels of traffic is his specialty, Bret has worked extensively with large data stores in high availability environments making him comfortable and confident in providing exceptionally high SLA’s through both software and systems combined. He has seen technology grow since he first started web development in the mid 90s and can bring success to any project he is part of.

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