Angelique Williams

Technical Assistance & Data Management Analyst

Joining AnLar first as a Graduate Intern from George Mason University, Angelique Williams works as a Technical Assistance and Data Management Analyst. She is excited to jump in and apply the knowledge that she has learned in developmental psychology and research to the world of technical assistance. She is eager to use what she has learned to work on the district, state, and national levels.

Currently, Angelique is a doctoral candidate in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at George Mason University. Her research focuses on the effects of environmental influences, such as culture and socioeconomic status on academic outcomes of underrepresented populations overtime. Currently, her dissertation focuses on the trajectories of Black girls in STEM classes and the impact that varying levels of access have on educational choices throughout middle and high school. Her ultimate goal is to increase equitable practices in education.

Although most of her time is spent writing her dissertation, she tries to throw in a little fun when she gets the chance. In her downtime, she can be found listening to a good podcast, shopping for new home décor, plotting her next travel adventure, or reading a good book! She is happiest when she is learning new things, exploring new restaurants with her fiancé, or catching up with her friends over brunch (especially when seafood is involved!)

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Angelique Williams
Technical Assistance & Data Management Analyst
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