Amelia Barter

Business Development Coordinator

As Business Development Coordinator, Amelia manages and coordinates the proposal writing process for all teams, ensuring that each project AnLar takes on is optimally staffed, deliberately planned, and expertly executed. She also helps streamline internal processes so that each AnLarian can devote their time towards what is most important- furthering the goals of our clients.

Amelia received her J.D. from The George Washington University Law School and went on to practice law in both the public and private sector. After pursuing a fellowship with Education Pioneers in 2014, she found herself yearning to make a difference in the education sector and luckily found her way to AnLar in 2015. As a Project Analyst for AnLar, she helped manage a variety of Federal projects, including the Department of Education’s Race to the Top-District grant program and the National Government Assessment Board’s inquiry into motivation on low-stakes assessments. After taking some time off after having her first child, she is excited to return to AnLar in her new role.

Amelia is most content spending time with her family, cooking healthy comfort food, and being physically active. She is a certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor and taught yoga classes for 2+ years while she took time off from AnLar. If you’re looking for healthy and delicious recipes for chocolate chip cookies, pudding, milkshakes, or any other sweet treat, she’s your girl!

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