Alex Kim

Graphic Designer

At AnLar, Alex crafts visual narratives on both print and digital mediums in order to mold how users experience brands and products. He utilizes data to create research-informed designs that go beyond a purely aesthetic appeal by increasing accessibility to information and audience interaction. Design cannot be effective without understanding who it is for and how to best serve their needs.

Alex has worn many hats at startups and mid-size companies where he worked in trials by fire. The burns here and there have made him a designer who homes in on effective solutions. He graduated Magna cum laude with a Graphic and Interactive Design BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies from Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University.

By day, he is a graphic designer at AnLar; by night, he is a bread baker, unironic lover of Japanese City Pop music, and amateur spy historian who fears nothing, except unusually large rats.

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