Alex Kim

Graphic Designer

As a Communications Designer, Alex works with AnLar’s content teams and directly with clients to build a narrative. He utilizes branding, animation, illustration, data visualization, and more to craft effective designs that serve to educate stakeholders with a focus on accessibility. A successful design must be clear in whom it is for and what problem it solves.

Alex has worn many hats at startups and mid-size companies where he has undergone trials by fire. The burns here and there have made him a designer who adapts quickly to home in on efficient solutions. With AnLar’s design team, Alex has worked to create a brand identity for PDG B-5 TA Center, a user interface for Otis Ed’s Synergyz and Zipline apps, and an animated logo and website for Colorado Department of Education’s Ascend Colorado, among many other projects.

By day, he is a designer at Anlar; by night, he is a hobbyist trumpeter, boxer, and painter with a strong dislike for rodents of unusual size.

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