Aaron Petrillo



Aaron Petrillo
Director of Federal Initiatives

Aaron serves as AnLar’s Director of Federal Initiatives, helping federal clients improve their collection and use of data, streamline their business processes, and develop structures to better support their own stakeholders and grantees. No stranger to a project plan, needs assessment or grantee data collection, Aaron helps AnLar clients better align their efforts to their organizational goals and deploy their resources more efficiently.

Prior to joining AnLar, Aaron spent several years learning the arts of project management and technical assistance working at the U.S. Department of Education. While there, Aaron oversaw the Department’s largest K-12 technical assistance network for the Race to the Top program, managed high school grant programs within the Office of Elementary and Secondary, lead grant competitions for school leadership grant programs within the Office of Innovation and Improvement, and had lunch with the Secretary of Education with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchbox. Prior to adding all federal acronyms to his lexicon, Aaron earned his B.A. in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government from American University and a Master’s degree in Information Management from the University of Maryland.

Growing up in Vermont, Aaron relishes any opportunity to educate his colleagues on the differences between grades of maple syrup or recant the day he defeated the daughter of former Governor Howard Dean in a chess tournament in 1995. When not singing the praises of his Green Mountain homeland or saving mankind from inefficient processes, Aaron can be found planning international adventures with his wife and continuing his lifelong pursuit of the perfect corned beef sandwich. Learn more or reach out below:

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